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If These Flames Could Talk   

a novel by Michael Burnham

In the year 1999, the small Vermont town of White River Junction was shaken to its core by the violent hit-and-run killing of beloved detective and father, David Demick Senior. Years pass by without a break and the case grows cold, leaving behind a blood-soaked mystery, and a son motivated to follow his late father’s footsteps into law enforcement.

When Nicole Schaffer arrives over twenty years later to reunite with the family she left behind, a brutal murder takes place in front of her eyes, forcing the killer to drag her to his barbarous underground workshop: an abandoned cemetery vault.

With David Demick Junior now patrolling the earth above, and victims lining the walls below, tensions blaze and a connection linking Nicole to the town's dark history surfaces. Beneath the chaos lies the impossible task of helping her captor solve the infamous cop killing, or feed his hunger to cure the afflicted.

Will Nicole find a way out of her subterranean prison, or suffer a dance with the flames at the hands of a faith driven vigilante?

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